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8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Roosevelt’s Annual Career Fair

Roosevelt’s annual Career and Networking Expo is happening this week on Thursday, March 22. We are all looking forward to networking with potential employers, gaining valuable experiences, and receiving our free professional head shots for our LinkedIn accounts! We hope that you’ve registered and are planning to attend the fair in the Goodman Center.

With the event only a few days away, we here at the #RULakerLife blog want to share several tips to get the most out of your experience! If this is your first fair, get excited. There’s so much to see and experience.

1) Research


Always begin by researching the employers who will be attending the fair. A list of employers at this year’s fair can be found on our career development webpage. It is always wise to know who will be there and whether any of these opportunities match your interest. Create a short list of employers you want to talk to. Spend a little time getting some background on an organization. This can allow you to ask very focused and specific questions to recruiters.

2) Resume

ResumeAfter you have done some research, polish your professional resume. It is perfectly normal to have two or more different types of resumes on hand. Also, if possible, bring a copy of your transcripts in case employers want to take a look.

3) Dress to impress

Dress To Impress

Many consider the most important tip to be dressing appropriately. First impressions are important, so be sure to dress at least in business casual. Since this is a campus event, it is understandable if you’re not in a full suit and tie. However, you must dress to impress. You want to stand out and show that you are a serious candidate.

4) Time


Allow yourself adequate time at the fair. Arriving as early as possible is a good habit especially if you need to return between classes during the day. Usually, fairs tend me be the busiest during lunch hours. Fairs close promptly so be sure to take advantage of all the time you have during the fair.

5) Elevator pitch


Be prepared to give your “elevator pitch,” commonly known as your career speech. These 30-second, clear speeches show authenticity and are the first interaction employers will have with you. Confidently state who you are and your career interest, combined with academic and extracurricular experiences to show your skills and strengths. Always be sure to greet and shake hands with recruiters, and make eye contact.

6) Take notes

Note Taking
Always takes notes when you ask about next steps. Jot down the names and contact information of additional representatives for possible opportunities. The recruiters might not be able to answers all of your questions or know specifics about your job interest. However, they can get you the contacts from within the organization.

7) Thank you notes

Thank You

Asking the recruiter for his/her card and send a thank-you note soon after. Having the contact information of the person you just spoke with offers numerous purposes. First, you have a direct line of contact with the organization. Second, thank you notes help acknowledge the  recruiter’s advice and time they took to visit our campus. Third, thank you notes are good professional habits to practice.

8) Be courteous!


Finally, be courteous! You’re not only representing yourself and brand, but you are also representing our university. All of the organizations that attend the fair are there because of their mutual interest in hiring Roosevelt students.

Remember to enjoy the fair (register here) and the interactions with the recruiters that you meet. Show that positive attitude!

Joseph Ryan Molina is a junior double major studying business management and economics. Joseph is an experienced Resident Advisor with the Office of Residence Life, and a RU Laker Life Ambassador. He oversees the 29th Floor of the Wabash Building, which is the Living Learning Community (LLC): Explore Chicago. Joseph is training for a half marathon in the summer, and he enjoys running on the lakefront and biking on the 606.
Kevin Ruiz is a senior criminal justice major. He is a mentor at UNION Impact Center and a RU Laker Life Ambassador. One fun fact is that he is a self taught photographer and loves urban decay photography.

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