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9 Perks All Students (Not Just Athletes) Gain from the Goodman Center

There seems to be a misconception on campus that the Goodman Center, located just around the corner from the Wabash and Auditorium Buildings, is reserved for student-athletes only. Consider this myth to be busted. The Goodman is not only a part of campus open to everyone, but a physical space within the RU community that serves to benefit students of all backgrounds and interests.

1) Shiny and new facility

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

The Goodman Center opened its doors to the Roosevelt community a mere four years ago. The state-of-the-art athletics facility and gym has housed Laker athletics ever since, providing students with access to a multitude of fitness resources.

2) School spirit

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

The Goodman hosts all home games for the men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams. These programs are still in their infancy after being reestablished in 2012, and events are free to students. Attending home events is not only a good way to show school spirit and support, but it provides some free entertainment on campus!

3) Open gyms

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

Photo Credit: Roosevelt Athletics

In between practices and games, the Goodman opens its gymnasium to students for free use. All Roosevelt students are welcome to attend, and basketball and volleyball equipment is provided. Students can RSVP to open gyms and check availability via imleagues.com/ruccc.

4) Intramurals


For students who crave the friendly competition of sports but don’t have the time or ability for varsity teams, intramurals at the Goodman are a great way to participate in some good organized fun.

5) Fitness classes


Interested in zumba, dance fitness, or yoga? Don’t have the space in your dorm to practice, or need some help with technique? Join a fitness classes sponsored by Roosevelt Athletics (classes do not operate directly out of the Goodman Center).

6) Free stuff

Free Stuff

Need I say more? Attending Laker home games at the Goodman allows students to show support for their classmates and enters them in a chance to win free RU swag.

7) Columbia partnerships


Roosevelt Athletics partners with Columbia College for many student opportunities such as open gyms and intramurals. This means that Roosevelt students can engage with students outside of the RU community while participating in activities at the Goodman.

8) Student job opportunities


Not only is the Goodman a hub for athletes, it houses a variety of student employment opportunities that range from front desk management to team managers. Some positions even come with travel arrangements for away games.

9) Mascot

Fall the Laker

After years of debate and rumors, the Lakers have finally decided on a mascot to work the crowd at home games and on campus events. The new mascot, Fala the Laker, made its debut in spring of 2016!

Schedules and info regarding Goodman Center opportunities and amenities can be found at www.rooseveltlakers.com.

You should fala our mascot on Instagram.

Daly Tongren
Daly Tongren is a senior journalism student at Roosevelt University. Along with serving as an RU Laker Life Ambassador, she works as the Editor-in-Chief of the university’s student newspaper, the Torch. Dunkin Donuts, social media and rock & roll music are a few of her favorite things.

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