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10 Feels Every Roosevelt University Commuter Student Has Felt

Being a commuter student can be a beautiful thing. You have a place to call your own, a neighborhood with rich history and culture to call home, and you know all of the hidden gems in your area. But let’s be real. Commuting also comes with its own challenges and struggles, especially in the winter. Here are the top ten “feels” I think nearly every Roosevelt University commuter student has felt.

1) When you get to the CTA “L” station just as the train is pulling up

: http://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/89/49f382b0-c824-0131-014d-56a5f9de5b06.gif

2) When you wake up to inclement weather and wonder if that degree is really worth getting out of bed


3) When you don’t check your RU email before beginning your trek to campus just to discover class was canceled


4) When you get to the platform just as the train is pulling away


5) When you see someone you know on your morning commute but decide to pretend like you don’t see them because it’s too early for human interaction


6) When you get home from school after a long day and commute


7) When you get offered a ride to school instead of having to take public transit


8) When you’re running late but get the express train


9) When you forget your headphones in the morning


10) When you get to campus early so you have time to breathe before class starts


mkaluzny • March 15, 2016

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