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In Memoriam

Spring/Summer 2019


Dr. Clarence Cobb (BA, ’47) of Indianapolis, Ind. died March 15, 2019. He was a pathologist for over 30 years.

John Martin (BA, ’48) of Chicago died February 20, 2019. He was the founder of the Martin School of Music.

Arthur Goren (BA, ’49) of Laguna Hills, Calif. died April 2, 2019. He worked in sales and marketing for 27 years.


Gerald Landsman (BSC, ’50) of Skokie, Ill. died March 7, 2019. He was a successful salesman and the owner of a plumbing distribution company.

Ronnie Robbins (BA, ’54) of Highland Park, Ill. died February 9, 2019. She was a writer for the Chicago’s Back of the Yards Journal. She also traveled to 48 states, 75 countries and six continents.

James Moffat Jr. (BA, ’55; MA, ’58) of Chicago died February 18, 2019.

James Hood Jr. (BA, ’57) of Atlanta, Ga. died March 22, 2019. He worked in government until his retirement in the 1990s.

Freda Goldman (MA, ’58) of Providence, R.I. died May 15, 2019. She was a lifelong educator and advocate for women’s issues. She was also named Rhode Island Woman of the Year in 1990 for her achievements.

Miroslawa Zimmerman (BS, ’58) of Chicago died April 14, 2019.

Melvin Grossman (BS, ’59) of Fallbrook, Calif. died August 28, 2018.


James Neufeldt (MA, ’60) of Chicago died June 2019. He was an educator, assistant principal and after-school sports director of Jenner Elementary.

Betty Levy (BA, ’61) of Syracuse, N.Y. died June 11, 2019. She worked at the Children’s Center at Upstate Medical University, Huntington Family Service and many other family health centers until retirement.

Angelo Barney (MA, ’62) of Joliet, Ill. died February 3, 2019. He was an educator and administrator in the Joliet School District for 32 years.

Shelby Pera (BA, ’62) of Chicago died June 6, 2019.

Dr. Stephen Gornik (MA, ’63) of Chicago died February 4, 2019. He was a veteran, author and psychologist who specialized in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

George Perparos (BSBA, ’64) of Chandler, Ariz. died March 9, 2019.

Yvonne Bade (BA, ’66) of Cedarville, Ill. died December 15, 2018. She was named to the state’s Spanish Speaking Study Commission by the late State Senator Karl Berning.

Thomas Cwik (BSBA, ’66) of Chicago died May 5, 2019. He was a U.S. Army veteran and worked for Alumax Mill Products until his retirement in 1994.

Stanley Carey (MM, ’67) of Lady Lake, Fla. died April 8, 2019. He served as a music teacher, student advisor and administrator until retirement in 1995.

Gunde Green-Heller (BA, ’68; MA, ’81) of Glenview, Ill. died March 29, 2019. She worked at Roosevelt University for over 30 years.


John Hill (BA, ’70) of Racine, Wis. died April 10, 2019. He worked for the U.S. Post Office until retirement in 1989.

O. Gregory Johnson (MA, ’71) of Crystal Lake, Ill. died February 26, 2019. He began his career in education as a science teacher. He then served as a principal in McHenry County until his retirement.

William Labb (MPA, ’73) of Forest Park, Ill. died May 3, 2019. He spent his entire career in the Illinois Department of Public Aid, retiring as a regional director.

Julia Vazquez (MA, ’73) of Palm Coast, Fla. died May 16, 2019. She was a retired teacher and school administrator.

Rev. Camilla Tanner (MA, ’73) of Chicago died March 17, 2019. She was a cofounder of the Temple of Agape Interdenominational Ministry. She also volunteered with the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago as a HIV/AIDS instructor trainer.

Velaine Carnall (MPA, ’74) of LaGrange, Ill. died March 20, 2019. She worked for the federal government evaluating federal health programs until her retirement in 1982.

Cynthia Ehrmann (BA, ’75; MA, ’78) of Burr Ridge, Ill. died April 3, 2019. She was a social worker until her retirement in 2014.

Rita Bobek (MA, ’76) of Lisle, Ill. died June 2019. She was a lifelong employee of the College of DuPage.

Katherine Watson (BA, ’78; MA, ’89) of Chicago died March 27, 2019. She was an educator in the Chicago Public Schools.


Theodore Swigon (MBA, ’80) of Chesterton, Ind. died April 26, 2019. He was a museum curator for over 40 years.

Audrey Spilky (BA, ’80) of Columbia, Mo. died April 30, 2019. She was an elementary school teacher in the Chicago Public Schools until retirement in 2001.

Annie Dinerstein (MA, ’81) of Raritan Township, N.J. died March 14, 2019. She was an educator for more than 40 years.

Charles Harmke (BGS, ’85) of Fort Myers, Fla. died June 8, 2019. He was a U.S. Navy veteran and worked for Eaton Corporation for 36 years until retirement.

Robert Gniech (BGS, ’86) of Summerfield, Fla. died May 24, 2019.

Michael Volland (MBA, ’89) of Golden, Colo. died April 2019.


Rev. Habeeb Dunn-El (BA, ’91) of Lafayette, Ind. died June 10, 2019. He was the pastor of Antioch Church of Restoration. He worked as a counselor helping the homeless community until retirement in 2014.

Sharon Duro (BS, ’94) of Madison, Wis. died May 10, 2019.

Gina Kern (BSBA, ’99) of Chicago died June 9, 2019. She worked for Sage Products for 17 years and was most recently employed with Abbvie.


John Kaminski (MBA, ’00) of Chester, Pa. died May 25, 2019.

Michael Moran (BSBA, ’00) of Naperville, Ill. died March 26, 2019. He spent his career in information technology and retired from Abbott Laboratories in 2013.