Melissa M. Sisco
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Roosevelt University College of Arts and Sciences

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle of some sort.

Professional Biography

Melissa Sisco is an internationally published applied researcher in the area of sexual trauma, prevention, and program evaluation. She is currently exploring alternative avenues of enhancing resilience to exposure to trauma including community mobilization, internet-based awareness campaigns, and cultural promotion. In addition to research, Dr. Sisco has engaged in a variety of agencies that address the trauma response including: the County Prosecutor’s Office, RESTORE Restorative Justice Agency, the Arizona Department of Corrections, the Southern Arizona Veteran’s Health Services, the Board of Homicide Survivors, and the Urban Youth Trauma center. In addition, Dr. Sisco has taught at the University of Arizona and Pima Community college for the past 6 years.

She completed internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center and a joint Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Psychology, Policy, and the Law from the University of Arizona in July 2011. Her dissertation piloted an interactive online awareness program to prevent sexual violence among college students.

Dr. Sisco is currently seeking further clinical supervision in the arena of trauma recovery, evaluation, and clinical practice to engage in the licensure process. She is currently an assistant professor with Roosevelt University.

Dr. Sisco focuses her clinical efforts and research on understanding the cycle of systematic and interpersonal trauma that ensue from differential power dynamics including gender, ethnicity, and social class.

BoutIt Life Coaching – Mentoring & Skills Training for Violent Youth
BoutIt LifeCoaching stands for ‘Bring Out Unity Through Interaction and Transformation’. In partnership with UCAN’s youth residential program, Roosevelt University students learn how to identify and replace frustration and the aggressive behavior that results from it with healthy skills (goal setting, self-checks, relaxation, communication). BoutIt life-coaches learn about violence and practice the skills themselves and then teach a simplified version to their protégé. The program was designed and is implemented by youth, students, and mentors. We NEED your help: web development, PR, donations for the kids and activities, grant writing, research, mentors, and getting this on the map! To get involved call me at 872-216-BOUTIT (872-216-2688). For more information about BoutIt, review the Torch’s article by Mary Rusccitti (October 2012)

Services Offered

Academic instruction/mentoring, program evaluation, group/individual therapeutic treatment, forensic record review, grant-writing support, statistical analysis, treatment manualization, and therapeutic services

Dr. Sisco dedicated her life to fulfilling the spaces that are missing in society. For more information of Ms. Sisco, review the Torch’s article by Steve Deku (December 2012)

Contact Information

Office Phone: (847) 619-8733
Cell: (520) 977-6485
Schaumburg Office: 360F

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