“Gracefully Grayson” by Ami Polonsky

Ami Polonsky is a middle school teacher, mother and author, among other things. Ami Polonsky is the author of the critically-acclaimed Gracefully Grayson and Threads. She is a sixth-grade English teacher and a parent of two kids, one of whom exists happily beneath the trans umbrella.




Read Aloud Tips

  • Ask students to reflect on a time that they didn’t feel like themselves. Take five minutes to have them journal about that experience.

  • While reading, encourage students to write down any questions, thoughts, or concerns they may have. After reading, go through those as a group and work towards an answer.

  • Use this book to discuss autonomy and personal liberation. How might things have been different for Grayson if the secret was shared sooner?


“This title has less obvious and didactic intent than other novels featuring transgender protagonists. A welcome addition to a burgeoning genre.” – School Library Journal


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