“All Different Now” by Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson is an American writer of children’s books and poetry, with over 40 books to her credit since beginning her writing career in 1989. Her children’s picture books are simple yet poetic stories about African-American families, friendships, and common childhood experiences such as moving. Her books for older children revolve around similar themes but also explore deeper issues such as teen pregnancy and divorce. Her characters are realistic and the treatment sensitive, positive, and hopeful. Many of Johnson’s books have connections to Alabama and Alabama history.


Read Aloud Tips

  • Introduce the book, terms, author, and illustrator stating any facts and information relevant. Point out other books by these creators.

  • Go through the pictures and have the students discuss what they think the book is going to be about.

  • Use this book to foster conversation about the importance of Juneteenth, race, and the history of America.

With a narrative notable for its understated simplicity and lack of judgment, this title allows readers to draw their own conclusions. An effective entrée to a challenging conversation. – School Library Journal

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