Dr. Smith

About Dr. Smith


I am a Professor of Psychology at Chicago’s Roosevelt University, and founding Director of the Roosevelt University Mindfulness Initiative (formerly the Stress Institute).

My work focuses on stress management and advanced mindfulness theory and practice, with applications in business, health, sports, education, the military, and religion. In addition I publish in the areas of critical thinking (as applied to paranormal claims) as well as stress management.  Occasionally I publish work on the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I have served as Psychology Department Chair where I created the initial Roosevelt University doctoral program in clinical psychology.

My publications include 27 books and more than three dozen articles. In addition, I served as expert outside reviewer for PsycCRITIQUES, Perceptual and Motor Skills, The Brain, and Psychosomatic Medicine. I have published invited chapters as “guest expert” in eight textbooks and encyclopedias. My book publishers have included Aldine, Guilford Press, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Plenum, Praeger, Prentice-Hall, Research Press, Springer, and Wiley/Blackwell.  Currently I teach courses on meditation / mindfulness / contemplation / relaxation at Chicago’s Roosevelt University.

email:  jsmith@roosevelt.edu




The R/M Tracker Project is an international research initiative housed in Chicago’s Roosevelt University.  Our goal is to explore the effects of a diverse array of approaches to contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation.  We are not interested in which approach is best or unique.  Instead, we are examining the immediate and long-term effects of practice and the relative influence of various variables (such as group vs. individual practice, daily vs. weekly practice, length of practice session, number of years practiced, and combination of various approaches).  This research uses the new “R/M Tracker” mindfulness inventory and is based on “Third Generation Mindfulness Theory” outlined in Dr. Smith’s recent book Stress and Coping: The Eye of Mindfulness.  Through the R/M Tracker Project practitioners from various traditions can share their experiences, insights, and struggles with others.  By participating in the R/M Tracker Project you will contribute to group insights that may help others along their journey.






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