Institutional Review Board (IRB)

COVID-19 Policy Highlights

  • Approvals for all studies involving person-to-person contact have been suspended
  • Decisions for new and pending study applications involving person-to-person contact will be postponed “Contactless” study protocols are recommended
  • Researchers with active or open studies will be contacted by Deidra Somerville to confirm study status
  • All studies related to COVID-19 (e.g., infection processes,shelter-in-place, related employment changes) will be sent to the convened IRB for review


Given federal, state, and university stay-at-home guidelines, the Roosevelt IRB is adopting additional precautionary measures to ensure the continued protection of researchers and research participants. First, all approvals for studies involving person-to-person contact at any stage (e.g., recruitment, data collection) will be suspended until further notice by the IRB. Second, decisions for pending study applications as well as new submissions involving person to person contact will be postponed until the state and university stay-at-home guidelines have been lifted. While final decisions will be postponed, incoming applications will continue to be reviewed according to the existing submission deadlines and meeting dates, and researchers will receive feedback on their proposals. Third, all studies, regardless of review category, will be sent to the convened IRB for review if the study aim is related to COVID-19 (e.g., infection processes, shelter-in-place, related employment changes). Finally, due to the uncertain course of the current pandemic, we are encouraging researchers who are in the process of planning their studies to strongly consider developing a “contactless” protocol that can be implemented virtually. Deidra Somerville will be reaching out to all researchers with open or active studies to confirm their study status (i.e., involving contact or contactless). Any additional policy changes related to COVID-19 will be communicated in next month’s newsletter. Stay safe and be well.


lstanton04 • April 1, 2020

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