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Students In Recovery: Alcohol & Other Substances

The article, Supporting Students in Recovery on College Campuses, discusses the challenges the 840,000 students in recovery that attend US colleges face and how their peers can support their journey to sobriety. It gives specific guidance on what students can do to destigmatize their own views on recovery and support students in recovery.

How the World Views Mental Health

In a global climate where nearly every country is taking progressive strides towards modern technological advancement, nearly half of these countries fail to address the reality of mental health problems and how we deal with them. Asia and Middle Eastern countries are not just silent, but also trying to disregard that mental health issues even…

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We live in a time where competition for almost anything is at an all-time high. We have to compete to have the best grades to get in the best schools or programs, having the best work ethic to get the better job position, and having a great deal of talent to receive awards and other…

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Midterms in college can be one of the most stressful times for a student. The last minute cramming, the pulling your hair out, and maybe even having to put the book down in frustration. But really, there’s no need to stress! Midterms week can be done with a breeze, and with a lot less stress…

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Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

We are reaching the point of seeing school supply items on sale at various stores, the cheesy back to school commercials on television, receiving emails from the university and our professors welcoming us back to campus, and feeling various feelings of anxiety, excitement, and possibly sadness about the school year beginning. Adjusting from summer vacation…

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Adjusting to Life in America: Survival Skills

When you leave your home country and all the people and things that are familiar, you will encounter many new, exciting, challenging, and confusing situations. The differences in language, climate, food, educational system (such as how students relate to teachers) and relational norms (such as how people express emotions and resolve conflicts) naturally create stress….

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Embracing Diversity

Celebrating our diversity is a way of uniting our humanity. At Roosevelt University, diversity is a core value celebrated through programs in our curriculum and special events on our campus. The word “university” itself is related to this idea of universalization: our lives are enhanced when we understand and appreciate many world views and/or cultures….

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Mental Health Apps for the Academic Year

Whether you are transitioning into your first year of college, returning after summer break, or transferring from a different campus – change is inevitable. Fortunately, smart phones can actually be effective mental health resources for issues that affect all of us, especially during transitional periods, including: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and sleep difficulties.

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