Henry Silverman is an Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate with the Heller College of Business.  He teaches classes in Investment Theory, International Finance, and Real Estate Finance and Investment.

Dr. Silverman holds a PhD in Management Science with a concentration in Finance from the University of London.  His doctoral research focused on factors associated with the US stock market boom of the late 1990s and involved interviews with US and European fund managers to ascertain and document their investment objectives, strategies, and risk-taking behavior.  In 2003, Dr. Silverman was invited to present his interim research findings to the Chairman of the British government’s Financial Ombudsman Service, the official agency mediating disputes between consumers and financial service firms in the UK.  Final results were published in the prestigious, Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions.

Employing a combination of Ethnographic Content Analysis (ECA) and traditional quantitative methods, Dr. Silverman’s current research is focused on the analysis of corporate communications, disclosure materials, financial and legal documents.  He pioneered the use of ECA in financial studies and has authored several articles in this area.

Dr. Silverman serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the peer-reviewed journal, Qualitative Research in Financial Markets.


FIN 354/454 International Financial Analysis

FIN 321 Investments

FIN 485 Investment Theory


Selected Publications:

“Reuters: Principles of Trust or Propaganda?”  Journal of Applied Business Research, 27(6) (2011).  Sole Author.  Journal Impact Factor: 5.32.

“Reuters: Principles of Trust or Propaganda?”

“Do Active Mutual Funds Mimic the Index During A Bull Market?” Journal of Business and Economics Research, 8(5) (2010).  Sole Author.  Journal Impact Factor: 5.28.  Outstanding Research Award.

“Valuing Technology Stocks with EVA™; A Bridge Too Far?” Journal of Business Case Studies, 6(2) (2010).  Sole Author.  Journal Impact Factor: 5.58.

“Qualitative Analysis in Financial Studies: Employing Ethnographic Content Analysis.”  Journal of Business and Economics Research, 7(5) (2009).  Sole Author.  Journal Impact Factor: 5.28.  Best Paper Award.

“Mutual Fund Risk-Return Profiles: A Novel Use of Triangulation.” Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, 1(2) (2008).  Sole Author.  Official publication of Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA).


Theory and Practice of Fund Management.  London: JP Morgan/RHUL, 2001.  280 pages.  Sole Author.