Academic Appointments

Roosevelt University, Chicago
1996 to Present
Professor of Sociology
Director, Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation

University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2009      Fulbright Scholar/Visiting Researcher, Centre for Critical Research on Race and
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
1993-96  Sociology


1996               Ph.D.    City University of New York, Graduate School, Sociology
1992               M.A.     DePaul University, Sociology
1987               B.A.      Marquette University, Psychology



Vanishing Eden: White Construction of Memory, Meaning, and Identity in a Racially Changing City. Temple University Press, 2016 (with Michael T. Maly).

Reviews: Choice; Planning; Contemporary Sociology; Sociology and Social Welfare, American Journal of Sociology

Race in an Era of Change: A Reader. Oxford University Press, 2011 (with Barbara Katz Rothman).

The Politics of Multiracialism: Challenging Racial Thinking. Albany: SUNY Press, 2004.

Reviews: Contemporary Sociology; Sociology and Social Welfare; DuBois Review: Social Science Research on Race

Tripping on the Color Line: Black-White Multiracial Families in a Racially Divided World. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2000.

Reviews: Choice; Contemporary Sociology; Sociology and Social Welfare; Adoption Quarterly; Multicultural Review; Sociology; Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi Valley

Selections of Tripping have been reprinted and developed in the following books:

Book: Mills, Melinda, The Borders of Race: Patrolling “Multiracial” Identities. Lynn Rienner Publishers. (From the press: “… Melinda Mills builds on the work of Heather Dalmage to explore the phenomenon—and consequences—of racial border patrolling by strangers, family members, friends, and even multiracial people themselves.”) 2017.

“Patrolling Racial Borders: Discrimination Against Mixed Race People,” in Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, 3rd ed. Edited by Maurianne Adams et al. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. 2013

“Discovering Racial Borders,” in Rethinking the Color Line: Readings in Race and Ethnicity (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions). Edited by Charles Gallagher.  McGraw Hill, 2003/2006/2009/2012.

“Discovering Racial Borders,” in Race in an Era of Change: A Reader. New York: Edited by Heather Dalmage and Barbara Katz Rothman. Oxford University Press, 2011

“Tripping on the Color Line,” in Race and Ethnicity in Society: The Changing Landscape (1st and 2nd ed). Edited by Margaret Anderson and Elizabeth Higginbotham. Wadsworth Press, 2006/2009.

“Tripping on the Color Line: Black-White multiracial families in a racially divided world,” in The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class and Sexual Orientation (4th edition). Edited by Karen Rosenbaum and Toni-Michelle Travis. McGraw Hill, 2006.


Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies. 2018 to present

Member, Editorial Board, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 2017 to present

Special Issue, Sociological Imagination Journal (Vol 50, No 1). Topic: Post-Mandela South Africa. Co-Editor with Melissa Steyn, University of the Witwatersrand. 2015

Associate Editor, Social Problems. 2014-2017

Member, Editorial Collective, Societies Without Borders. 2012 to present

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

Dalmage, Heather. Forthcoming. “Traveling Across Racial Borders: Trip Advisor and the Discursive Strategies Businesses use to Deny Racism” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity – Accepted

Dalmage, Heather. Forthcoming 2018. “Mixed Race Families in South Africa: Naming and Claiming a Location,” in The Journal of Intercultural Studies – Accepted

Dalmage, Heather. 2018. “Racism” in The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems, ed. A. Javier Trevino. Cambridge University Press

King, Matthew T., Meghan M. Burke and Heather Dalmage. 2017. “Advocacy Unit Probation Officers Reporting Risk Factors For Young Offenders With Intellectual Or Developmental Disabilities,” Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, v 4, n 1, p. 1-10

Burke, Meghan and Heather Dalmage. 2016. “Special Education Advocacy in the Juvenile Justice System: Perspectives from Probation Officers,” Exceptionality: A Special Education Journal, v 24, n 3

Maly, Michael, Heather Dalmage, and Nancy Michaels. 2013. The End of an Idyllic World: Race, Memory, and the Construction of White Powerlessness,” Critical Sociology, v 39, n 5, p. 757-779

Childs, Erica Chito and Heather Dalmage. 2010. “Rearing Biracial Children: The Experiences of Black Married Fathers,” in The Myth of the Missing Black Father, Roberta Coles and Charles Green, eds. New York: Columbia University Press

Dalmage, Heather. 2006. “Interracial Couples, Multiracial People, and the Color Line in Adoption,” in Adoptive Families in a Diverse Society, Katarina Wegar, ed. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press

Dalmage, Heather. 2006. “Finding a Home: Housing the Color Line,” in Mixed Messages: Multiracial Identities in the ‘Color-Blind’ Era, David Brunsma ed. Boulder: Lynn Rienner Publishers

Dalmage, Heather. 2004. “My View: Behind the Seams (Multiracial Families in the Housing Market),” One City: Partners for a Better Chicago. The Chicago Council on Urban Affairs

Dalmage, Heather. 2004. “Protecting Racial Comfort, Protecting Racial Privilege,” The Politics of Multiracialism: Challenging Racial Thinking, Heather Dalmage ed. Albany: SUNY Press

Dalmage, Heather. 2004. “Mama Are You Brown?: Multiracial Families and the Color Line,” in SkinDeep: How Race and Complexion Matter in the ‘Color-Blind’ Era, Herring, Cedric, Verna Keith, Hayward Derrick Horton, eds. Chicago: University of Illinois Press

Dalmage, Heather. 2003. Patrolling Racial Borders: Discrimination Against Mixed Race People,Multiracial Child Resource Book, Root, Maria P.P. and Matt Kelley, eds. Seattle: Mavin Foundation

Isserles, Robin and Heather Dalmage. 2000. “Cultural Capital as Rules and Resistance: Bringing it Home in the Introductory Course,” Teaching Sociology, v 28, no 2: 160-166

Selected Presentations

2017 “Restorative Justice and Disabilities: Raising Awareness and Building Inclusive Whole School Restorative Practices,” American Academy of Pediatrics Illinois Chapter, (with Nancy Michaels and Sara Balgoyen), O’Fallon, IL. April

2016  “Disability, Schools, and the Prison Pipeline,” (organizer and presider) Society for the Study of Social Problems, Seattle, WA. August

2016  “Broadening the Circle: Youth with Disabilities and Restorative Justice,” International Restorative Practices, San Jose, Costa Rica. June

2015   “Disrupting the Prison Pipeline for Youth with Disabilities,” International Association of Special Education, Wroclaw, Poland, (with Matthew Cohen). June

2014    “From School Push out to Push Back: Court Involved Youth with Disabilities and Special Educational Services,” with Meghan Burke. SSSP. San Francisco. August

2014   “Prevalence and Perceptions of Students with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System,” with Meghan Burke. Council for Exceptional Children. Philadelphia. March

2014   “Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and Youth with Disabilities,” at the DMC Summit. Roosevelt University. Chicago. February

2013   “White Racial Wisdom: Whites Who’ve Lived Through Racially Changing Neighborhoods Reflect on Race,” Society for the Study of Social Problems. New York. August

2012    “Scholar Activism: Bringing Humanity Back In,” Society for the Study of Social Problems. Denver. August

2012   “Is Humanity Capital Possible: Neoliberalism, Racial Solidarity and Sense of Purpose Among White English Speaking South African Varsity Students,” Ethnicity and Education: Old Issues, New Insights. Newcastle, UK. July

2011   “Racial Borders in Racially Changing Neighborhoods: Working for Whiteness on Chicago’s Southwest and West Sides” (with Mike Maly and Nancy Michaels) SSSP. Las Vegas. August

2011   “White Ethnics, White Victims: Racial Discourse and Neighborhood Defense” (with Mike Maly and Nancy Michaels) SSSP. Las Vegas. August

2009   “Memories of Place and Race: Chicago’s Southwest and West Sides” (with Michael Maly and Nancy Michaels). Urban Affairs Association, Chicago, IL. March

2009   “White Students Negotiating Racial Otherness at the University of KwaZulu-Natal” (with Rob Pattman)  South African Sociological Annual meetings. Johannesburg, SA. July

2007   “Construction of Whiteness on Chicago’s Southwest Side: Marquette Park 1966-1986” (with Michael Maly). Illinois Sociological Association Annual meeting. Chicago, IL. October

2007   “Africans and West Indians: Myth of the Model Minority?,” Society for the Study of Social Problems, New York City, August

2006   “Teaching Intersecting Locations of Inequality,” Society for the Study of Social Problems, Montreal. August

2005   “Adoption and Neoliberal Discourse.” SSSP. Philadelphia, August

2003   “White Racial Comfort,” American Sociological Assoc, Chicago. August

2003   Organizer, “Doing Race,” Association of Black Sociologists, Chicago. August

2001   Organizer, “The Politics of Multiracialism,” Association of Black Sociologists, Anaheim, CA. August

2000  “Shifting Racial Identities,” SSSP, Washington, D.C. August

Invited Talks and Public Lectures
2017    “Including Disability: Making Circle a Place for All,” International Institute for      Restorative Practices. Bethlehem, PA. October
2017     Equity, Social Justice and Policing. Truman College, Chicago. February
 The Politics of Documenting Neighborhood Change, NYU Urban Democracy Lab. October.
2016    Youth with Disabilities in the School to Prison Pipeline, UIC,
2012   The Art and Activism of Research. SSSP.
2012   “The Importance of Ubuntu,” 100 Years of the African National Congress.
2010   The Legacy of Racialized Housing Battles in Chicago: Analyzing Whiteness, Loyola University,
2009   Racial Borders and the Color Line, Purdue University,
2009   The Role of Libraries in Developing Humanity Capital in South Africa, LIASA Conference, National Library of South Africa,
Pretoria, June
2009   Transformation and the Development of Humanity Capital, University of KwaZulu
Westville, May
2009   Tripping on the Color Line, University of KwaZulu-Natal,
Edgewood, April
2009   Racial Borders: Mulitracials and Coloureds, University of Cape Town,
2009   The Politics of Multiracialism, University of KwaZulu Natal, Centre for Critical
Research on Race and Identity.
2009   Understanding Racial Borders. U.S. Consulate, Durban.
2006   Interracial Couples, Multiracial Families and the Color Line, 6th Annual Race
Tallahassee, FL, October
2006   Multiracial Families and the Color Line, Chicago Public Libraries, The Blackstone
Chicago, May
2005   Gender, Race and the Workplace, Chicago Council on Urban Affairs,
2004   Pedagogy and Social Justice, Teaching and Learning annual conference, Roosevelt University.
2003   Through a Glass Darkly: Female Images in the Media, Women of the Millennium,
Chicago, November
2003   Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession, Looking Glass Theatre, Human Relations Foundation,
Chicago, August
2002   Transracial Adoption, Borderpatrolling and the Color Line, Chicago Area Families for Adoption,
Oak Brook, IL. April
2002   Dancing on the Color Line: Transracial Open Adoption, NACLA,
Chicago. March
2001   Tripping on the Color Line, The University of Chicago.
2001   Tripping on the Color Line, Georgia State University.
2000   Gender and Justice, North Shore Series on Justice,
Chicago. February

Selected Media Interviews and Appearances

Chicago Tonight, WTTW, “Intermarriages of the Rise 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia,” May  2017
Al Jazeera International, “Violence in Chicago,” July 2016.
WVON. Radio show, Featured with co-author Mike Maly, on Perri Small Show. Discussed our new book: Vanishing Eden. February 2016
Chicago Tribune, Book News: Blurb on Vanishing Eden. November 2015
PBS NewsHour Blog, “The Problem with trying to label Rachel Dolezal,” June 2015
Vancouver Sun, Mixed Unions: The Ideal? or “Brown Washing”? July 2015
Al Jazeera, “Social ‘ genocide ‘ on the streets of Chicago,” April 15, 2015
Daily Herald, “On MLK Day, suburban leaders still striving to improve race relations”
(January 17, 2010)
WCIU, “Disrupting the Cradle to Prison Pipeline,” Interview (October 2010)
CBS2 News, “Bears Draft Pick in Spotlight for Demeaning Rap: Latest Case One of
Many Instances of Sexism in Popular Culture (May 1, 2007).
Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Parents Struggle to Start of Multiracial Play Group,”
(December 24, 2004)
NBC5 News, “Mixed Messages, A Special Report (May 29, 2004)
Chicago Sun Times, “Why Did This Girl Run Away?: Biracial Teen’s Quest for Identity
Ended in Death” (October 28, 2001)
The Chicago Tribune, Health & Family section. “Race’s confounding territory: Author wants to clear the way for an overdue dialogue,” (June 3, 2001)
Truth in Action, a television show sponsored by the Chicago Human Relations
Commission. Show discussed, Tripping on the Color Line (April 2001)
The Multiracial Millennium, CAN TV, a six-part television series addressing issues
raised in Tripping on the Color Line. Taped in Feb and March, began airing April 2001.
The Milt Rosenberg Show, WGN radio, “The Future of Race in America” (Feb. 2001)

Fellowships, Honors and Awards

2009           Fulbright Scholar at the Centre for Critical Research on Race and Identity,
University of KwaZulu Natal, SA
2006           National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship: Revolution and the Making of Identities: France and Haiti,1787-1804.
2003           St. Clair Drake Center for African American Studies, Faculty Fellowship
1999           Elizabeth Balanoff Outstanding Service Award
1996           David Spitz Distinguished Scholar Dissertation Year Fellowship
1994           Awarded Honor of Distinction – Oral Examinations
1994           University Fellowship
1993-1996  Graduate Teaching Fellowship (three years)
1992           Awarded Honor of Distinction – MA degree
1991           Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociological Honor Society

Courses Taught

Social Justice Summer Institute, Topic: Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline♦Juvenile Justice Seminar ♦Race and Ethnicity ♦Sociology of Education ♦Sociology of Family ♦Introduction to Sociology ♦Sex, Gender and the Social Order ♦Stratification ♦Women, Work and Family ♦Sociology of Organizations ♦Juvenile Delinquency ♦Contemporary Social Issues ♦Women in U.S. Society ♦ Individuals, Institutions and Power ♦ Global Whiteness ♦Global Race ** (in addition: study abroad and transformational learning pedagogies utilized)

Activities and Service

2017-2018    Lee Founders Award Committee, Society for the Study of Social Problems
2016-pres     Educational Surrogate Parent Advocate, ISBE
2015-2018    Board of Education, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
2014/2015    Chair, Erwin O Smigel Award committee, SSSP
2013-2016    Board of Directors, SSSP
2012-pres     Illinois Attorney General’s Committee on Special Education
2011/2012    Co-Chair, Program Committee, SSSP
2010/2011    Board, Family Resource Center on Disabilities
2010-2013    Fulbright Scholar Review committee
2010-pres     Editorial Board, Sociologists Without Borders
2010/2011    Chair, Social Action Committee, SSSP
2009/2010    Social Action Committee, SSSP
2009/2010    Early Distinguished Career Award Committee, ASA
2009/2010    Graduate Paper Award committee, Education Division, ASA
2008/2009    Chair, C. Wright Mills Award Committee
2007/2008    C. Wright Mills Award Committee, SSSP
2006/2007    C. Wright Mills Award Committee, SSSP
2004-2012    Faculty Affiliate, Initiative for Family and Child Studies, Roosevelt University
2003-2007    Standing Member, Executive Committee, Chicago Council on Urban Affairs
1999-2007    Board of Directors, Chicago Council on Urban Affairs

Reviewer for:

Minnesota Press
Rutgers University Press
University of California Press
Wadsworth Publishing
Oxford University Press
Sage Publications
Lynne Rienner Publishers
Contemporary Sociology
Social Problems
Journal of Marriage and Family
Social Issues
Sociological Quarterly
Sociological Perspectives
Racial and Ethnic Studies
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Social Forces
Journal of Family Issues
Political Science Quarterly
Transformations (South Africa)
Gender and Society
Symbolic Interaction
African American Review
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