Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (see separate list for publications)

GARY K. WOLFE         

Roosevelt University

430 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL 60605



                                                                Employment History


Roosevelt University

Professor of Humanities and English, 1985-2017

Associate Dean, University College, 2006-2007

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, 2005-2006

Interim Graduate Dean and Vice Provost for Research, 2004-2005

Chair, BGS/BPS Program, 1994-2008

Dean, Evelyn T. Stone College, 1982-1990

Acting Dean, College of Continuing Education, 1981-1982

Assistant/Associate Professor of Humanities, 1971-1985

Humanities Coordinator, Bachelor of General Studies Program, 1971-present

Director, Assessment of Prior Learning Program, 1977-1981

Acting Coordinator, External Degree Program, 1974

Acting Associate Dean, Continuing Education, 1972


Instructor, Newberry Library Seminar on Science Fiction and Fantasy, November 2009

Instructor, Master Class in Science Fiction Criticism, Science Fiction Foundation, London, June 2008

Contributing Editor, Locus Magazine, 1991-present

Lecturer, Lyceum Program, Newberry Library, 1988-96

Danforth Tutor, University of Chicago, 1970-1971

Assistant Editor, University of Kansas, 1967-1968

Reporter, Springfield, Mo. Daily News, 1966



Ph.D., English Literature, University of Chicago, 1971

M.A., English Literature, University of Chicago, 1969

B.A., English Literature, University of Kansas, 1968

Southwest Missouri State College, 1964-66


Honors, Awards, and Grants

World Fantasy Award, for reviews and criticism, 2007

British Science Fiction Association Best Nonfiction Award, 2006 (for Soundings), nominated 2011 (with  Jonathan Strahan, for “Coode Street Podcast”)

Science Fiction Achievement Award (Hugo), nominee, World Science Fiction Convention, 2006 (for Soundings), 2011 (for Bearings), 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 (for The Coode Street Podcast, with Jonathan Strahan)

Distinguished Scholarship Award, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, 1998

Pilgrim Award, Science Fiction Research Association, 1987

James Friend Memorial Award for Literary Criticism, Friends of Literature, Chicago, 1992

John Cotton Dana Award, American Library Association ( for “Illinois Reads” [see under Media]), 1988

Eaton Award, Lloyd J. Eaton Conference (year’s outstanding critical work on science fiction, for The Known and the Unknown), 1981

Who’s Who in the Midwest, 23rd ed., 1992-1993

International Authors and Writers Who’s Who, 13th ed., 1993/94

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, author entry, 1993, 2013

U.S. Dept. of Education Title III Grant, Developing Curricula in Telecommunications, 1986-1988

Illinois Humanities Council Grant, Public Humanities Program, 1981

Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. awarded with honors

NDEA Fellowship, University of Chicago, 1968-1971

Woodrow Wilson Foundation Designate, University of Kansas, 1968

John Billings Fiske Memorial Poetry Prize, University of Chicago, 1969

William Herbert Carruth Memorial Poetry Award, University of Kansas, 1967 and 1968

Community Service

Board of Directors, Locus Foundation, 2007-present

Board of Directors, Council of Rehabilitation Affiliates, 1985-2009

Co-Founder, Co-Director, and moderator, “Choices and Consequences” program of discussions between ex-offenders and high school students, various Chicago public schools, 1991-1996

Youth Program Advisory Committee and Volunteer Advisory Committee, The Volunteer  Network,1991-92

Board of Directors, Friends of the Chicago Public Library, 1990-1993

By-Laws Committee, Chicago Cable Access Corporation, 1989-1990

Board of Directors, Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, 1974-1976


Media Appearances


“Interface,” host and interviewer, various Chicago and suburban stations, 1981-2004

“Roosevelt Reports,” host and interviewer, various suburban Chicago stations, 1980-81

“Extension 720,” WGN, Chicago, 20+ guest appearances 1984-present

“The Myth Makers: Science Fiction and Fantasy,” WFMT, Chicago, 1974


Cable TV:

“Illinois Reads,” series of 16 interviews with Illinois authors, Library Cable Network, 1985-1988

“Voices:  Memories of Chicago Area Holocaust Survivors,” documentary film, Holocaust Memorial Foundation of  Illinois; writer,  interviewer, producer, 1984

“Northwest Territory,” Cablenet TV; interviewer, 1983-1984

“The Media and the Candidates,” Cablenet TV; moderator, 1984

“The Rock that Glowed,” Park Ridge Cable TV; co-author, 1987



“ Coode Street Podcast,” with Jonathan Strahan, 175 episodes, 2010-present

Locus Magazine Podcast,” 5 guest appearances, 2011-present


Public Lectures and Forums

“Tarzan, Oz, and Mars:  Mythmaking in Illinois,” Illinois Humanities Council speakers bureau, various locations in Illinois, 1994-95

“The Writing Life: Creating a Character,” Reading Circle discussion series cosponsored by the Illinois Humanities Council and the National Book Foundation, Newberry Library, fall 1993

Centralia Correctional Facility, commencement address for Roosevelt graduates, February 1993

Illinois Literary Heritage Conference, Champaign: lecture, “Science Fiction: Solving the Problems of the Present in the Future,” October 1992

International Press Center, Chicago: moderator, series of panel discussions on international issues, 1992-1994

The Volunteer Network, Chicago: moderated panel discussions on volunteerism, 1991-92

The Donors Forum, Chicago:  moderated panel discussions between nonprofits and donors, 1991

Graham Correctional Facility, Hillsboro, IL: commencement address, 1990

Roosevelt University, Chicago:  public lectures “The Phantom of the Opera” (1990), “Science Fiction and the Future” (1987), “1984 and Other Imaginary Years” (1984), “Alternative Futures” (1981); moderated panel discussion on “The Holocaust: Can It Happen Here?” (1987); organized and hosted lecture series “Through the Looking Glass:  Humanities in the 80s” (1981)

Chicago City Lit Theatre Company: moderated opening-night discussion on play “Riders of the Purple Wage,” 1989

Chicago Public Library: chaired “Science Fiction of the Future” (1983), “Science Fiction Writers and Critics” (1981)

Illinois Humanities Council: spoke on “Science Fiction and Social Commentary,” Bradley University and Illinois State University, 1988

Lectured on science fiction and futurism at Purdue University (1984), Chicago Area MENSA (1980), Chicago Unitarian Fellowship (1979), Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago (1978), Michigan City, Indiana Public Library (1977); for professional meetings, see below.


                   Professional Meetings:  Papers and Panel Discussions (alphabetical order)

[Note: I stopped updating this in 2011, since it was getting pretty cluttered.]

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers:  “Assessment–How We   Do It,” 1979

Association of Humanistic Psychology:  “The Politics of Humanism,” 1974

Capricon Science Fiction Convention:  speaker, 1990, 1991, 1992

Chicago Area College English Association:  “Popular Culture, Media, and English Instruction” (speaker, 1976)

Chicago Humanities Festival, “Time and Narrative” (panel chaired, 2004)

Chimera Science Fiction Convention:  speaker, 1990, 1991

Conference on College Composition and Communication: “The Role of Writing in External Degree Programs” (paper, 1977); “Student Evaluations of Teachers’ Comments” (paper, 1978); “Writing and the Real World” (panel, 1979)

Confluence Science Fiction Convention, Pittsburgh:  guest of honor, 2007

Eaton Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy:  “Autoplastic and Alloplastic Adaptations in Science Fiction” (paper, 1981); Eaton Award Acceptance Speech, 1981

International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts:  “Fantasy and Horror Fiction” (speaker, 1981); “Toward a Theory of Fantasy” and “Numina and Fantasy” (speaker, 1982); “Women Scientists in Science Fiction” (speaker, 1983); “Fairy Tales and Modern Fantasy” (paper, 1983); “Cinema of the Fantastic” (panel chaired, 1984); “Urban Images in the Science Fiction Film” (speaker, 1984); “The Issue of Genrification” (speaker, 1985); “Science Fiction and Other Texts” (speaker, 1986); “The Critical Writings of Brian W. Aldiss” (speaker, 1987); “Fantasy:  Definition and Theory” (panel chaired, 1987); “Rogue Knight:  Harlan Ellison in the Men’s Magazines” (paper, 1988); “The Writer and the Marketplace” (panel chaired, 1988); “Tenure, Promotion, and Publishing” (panel chaired, 1989); “The Dawn Patrol:  Sex and Technology in Farmer and Ballard” (paper, 1990); “Science Fiction, Fantasy, and War” and “An Evening with Brian Aldiss and Philip Jose Farmer” (panels chaired, 1990); “The Holocaust and Fantastic Literature” (panel chaired, 1991); “Philip Jose Farmer and the Mainstream” (paper, 1992); “Fantasy as Survival:  The Holocaust and Vietnam” (panel chaired, 1993); “Fancies, Fears, and Phobias:  Gender Issues in Fantastic Literature” (speaker, 1993); “The Fiction of Joe Haldeman” (panel chaired, 1995); “Stasis and Chaos: Some Dynamics of Popular Genres” (guest scholar address, 1998); Reviewers’ panel with John Clute, 1999 and 2000; “The True History of Science Fiction” (panel, 2001); “The Fantastic at the Turn:  The Conjunctions Project” (panel chaired, 2002); “British SF Today” (panel chaired, 2002); Distinguished Scholars Panel 2004; “Reviews and Criticism,” (panel, 2005); A Discussion with John Crowley and Peter Straub (moderator, 2005); “The Fantastic in Outsider Art, Victorians to the Present” (panel chaired, 2006); “The Writing of Kathleen Ann Goonan” (panel, 2006); “Peter Straub and the New Horror” (paper, with Amelia Beamer, 2007);  “21st  Century Stories” (paper, with Amelia Beamer, 2008); “The Language of the Sublime in the Fantastic” (panel chaired, 2008); “Arthur C. Clarke” (panel, 2008); “World War II in Science Fiction” (panel, 2008); “The Exile and Return of the Fantastic in the Postwar American Short Story” (paper with Amelia Beamer, 2009); “Professionals Writing” (panel chaired, 2011); “Genre Anxiety” (panel, 2011); Executive Board, 1983-present; Committee and Awards Director, 1985-present.

Locus Awards Weekend:  “The Current State of Short Fiction” (panel chaired, 2009); “The Role of Research” (panel chaired, 2010; “10 Don’ts for Writers” (panel chaired, 2010).

Midwest Modern Language Association:  “The Myth of the Machine in Science Fiction” (paper, 1976); “Studies in Science Fiction” (panel chaired, 1977); “Nuclear Rhetoric in del Rey’s Nerves” (paper, 1983)

Midwest Popular Culture Association:  “The Iconography of Science Fiction” (paper, 1974); “Paranoia and Popular Culture” (speaker, 1975); “TV Criticism” (speaker, 1976); “TV Studies” (speaker, 1977); “Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Fantasy” (speaker, 1980); “Back to the Future” (speaker, 1985)

Modern Language Association:  “Mythic Structures in Cordwainer Smith’s `The Game of Rat and Dragon'” (paper, 1976); “Science Fiction and Romantic Myth” (panel chaired, 1977)

Mythopoeic Society Annual Conference:  “The Holocaust Fiction of  Jane Yolen” (paper, 1993)

National Telecommunications Education Association:  “Case Study:  Roosevelt University” (paper, 1985)

Peter Straub Symposium on Literature and Popular Culture, University of Wisconsin, 2005, paper”  “The Fate of the Unnarrated”

Popular Culture Association: “The Quatermass Serials” (paper, 1973); “Metaphors of Madness: Popular Psychological Narratives” (paper, 1974); “Paranoia and Popular Culture” (speaker, 1975); “Popular Culture and Community Education” (speaker, 1976); “The Present State of Science Fiction” (speaker, 1979); “Vietnam in Film” (speaker, 1980); “Images of the Working Class in the Media” (speaker, 1981); local arrangements committee, 1976

Readercon Science Fiction Convention:  “Toward a Nomenclature of the Fantastic,” “The Year in Short Fiction” (panels chaired, 2006); “The Great Speculative Fiction Critics,” “The Space Opera Renaissance” (panels, 2006), “Critical Terminology” (lecture, 2008), “Reviewing vs. Criticism” (panel chaired, 2008); “70 Years of A.E. Van Vogt” (panel 2009), “The Seeds of Poe” (panel chaired, 2009, “The Career of Elizabeth Hand” (panel 2009), “How to Review” (panel 2009) “The Growth and Exile of the Fantastic in the Postwar American Short Story (paper with Amelia Beamer, 2009), “Mainstream and Genre” (panel co-chaired 2009); “The Work of  Nalo Hopkinson” (panel chaired, 2010); “The Secret History of Science Fiction” (panel 2010);”The Year in Novels” (panel 2010); program committee, 2011

Science Fiction Research Association:  “The Work of David Lindsay” (paper and panel chaired, 1974); “The Rocket and the Hearth” and “Symbolic Landscapes in Fantasy” (papers, 1978); “The Remaking of Zero” (paper, 1980); “Fantasy and Horror Fiction” (speaker, 1980); “Publishing Science Fiction Criticism” (speaker, 1981); “The Work of Algis Budrys” (paper and panel chaired, 1983); “Science Fiction and Fantasy:  Problems of Definition” (paper, 1985); “Science FictionCriticism:  The State of the Art” (panel chaired, 1994); Pilgrim Award Acceptance Speech, 1987; Pilgrim Award Committee Chair, 1990, 2010

Windycon Science Fiction Convention: speaker 1980, 1986, 1987, 1989

World Fantasy Convention, “The Art of Reviewing”, speaker, 1993; “Harlan Ellison” (panel, 1995), “Reviews and Criticism” (panel, 2005); Interview with Peter Straub (2005); “American Fantastic Tales,” panel chaired, 2009; toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, 2012

World Horror Convention, “Edgar Allan Poe Today,” “Interview with Peter Straub,” 2000

World Science Fiction Convention:  “The State of the Art in Scholarship and Criticism” (panel chaired, 1982); “Theory of Fantasy” (speaker, 1982); “The Nazi Holocaust and Science Fiction” and “Canon Formation in Science Fiction (panels chaired, 1991); chair of academic programming, 1991; “Reviewers and Critics,” “Daniel Pinkwater,”  “Chicago in Science Fiction” (panels, 2000); “Literary Theory and the Reader,” “The Art of Reviewing,” “A Conversation with John Clute and Gary K. Wolfe” (panels, 2005); “The Year in Review,” “The Tragic Flaw,” “20 Notable Science Fiction Books of the Last 20 Years,” panels, 2008; “One Genre or Many” (panel chaired 2009), “Is the Tail as Long as We Think It Is?” (panel 2009), “The Work of Betty Ballantine” (panel 2009), The Graveyard Book (discussion leader 2009), “Neil Gaiman and Gary K. Wolfe in Conversation” (special event 2009), “Charles N. Brown: A Tribute” (panel chaired 2009), “Locus Interviews Tom Doherty” (interview co-chaired with Liza Trombi, 2009)                                                                             

Editorial Consultancies

Series Editor, Modern Masters of Science Fiction, University of Illinois Press, 2013-present

Manuscript Reviewer:  University of Texas Press, 1981; Kent State University Press, 1985, 1986; Greenwood Press, 1985-1991; Indiana University Press, 1987-present; Wesleyan University Press, 2000-present; Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000-2002; Ohio State University Press, 2002-present; University of Illinois Press, 2008-present; Oxford University Press, 2012

Boards of Consultants:  Survey of Science Fiction Literature, Salem Press, 1979; Survey of Fantasy Literature, Salem Press, 1983; Anatomy of Wonder, R.R. Bowker, 1981, 1987, 1993

Editorial Boards:  Para·doxa: Studies in World Literary Genres, 1994-present; Science-Fiction Studies, 1984-present; Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, 1988-present; The Volunteer Network Agency Newsletter, 1992; contributing editor, Locus, 1991-present

Proposal Reviewer:  National Endowment for the Humanities, 1983-1984; Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada, 1986-1987, 1998

Illinois Humanities Council:  Senior Editor and Adviser, “1984:  A Special Supplement,” Chicago Tribune, 1983; External Evaluator, “The Holocaust Fifty Years After,” Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois, 1989; programming consultant, 2008

Dissertation outside reader for University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Western Australia, Curtin University (Australia)