Electing to Drink Podcast

Produced by the Good Beer Hunting network, Electing to Drink is a podcast that I host, which explores progressive politics and ideas over a guest’s favorite beer.


Ep. 11: Patrick Ruffini’s Least Favorite Beer.

Ep. 10: Debate Me, Round 2

Ep. 9: Tough Roe to Overturn with Amanda Bryan of Loyola University Chicago.

Ep. 8: Debate Me!

Ep. 7: Waiting on War Criminals with writer Luke O’Neil.

Ep. 6: Taxation Without Representation with Bo Shuff, Executive Director of DC Vote.

Ep. 5: Pre-emptively Right with journalist Robyn Pennachia of Wonkette.

Ep 4: Courting Disaster with Gabe Roth, Executive Director of Fix the Court.

Ep. 3: Walk the Line, with Chicago social studies teacher Derick Loafmann.

Ep. 2: Economic Anxiety Disorder with journalist Linda Tirado.

Ep. 1: The Grass is Always Greener When It’s Legalized with Illinois State Rep. Will Guzzardi