Updated Quarantine Guidance

Updated Quarantine Guidance

As we shared with you on Tuesday, July 21, the City of Chicago implemented an Emergency Travel Order that requires anyone entering or returning to Chicago from states experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases to quarantine for 14 days, beginning from the last contact within the identified state. Per the guidance, issued by the City on July 2, the quarantine process would begin after last contact with the impacted surge state. Due to the unique nature of higher education, the City has changed its position on when and how quarantine can occur. 

Effective Wednesday, July 22, the City of Chicago has altered its guidance to allow the following options for all students returning to campus, particularly if traveling from high-incidence states:

  1. Quarantine for two weeks prior to coming to campus with a method of documenting adherence.
  2. Quarantine for two weeks after arrival on campus.
  3. Quarantine at home for one week prior to coming to campus with a method of documenting adherence, followed by:
    1. A negative test recommended prior to coming to campus or shortly after arrival.
    2. Quarantine for another week when arriving in Chicago/campus.

As a result of this new guidance, Roosevelt University students are allowed to quarantine in their home states for 14 days prior to arriving in Chicago (Option 1). Students will still be required to attest that they have fully complied with the quarantine provisions prior to being allowed to move into campus.

As we mentioned in our July 21 message, as part of this directive, quarantine cannot happen on campus. Thus, Option 2 and Option 3 are not permissible for Roosevelt students.

Parents who accompany students to campus from high-incidence states should quarantine during their stay, avoid all public settings and limit exposures to others outside of the scheduled move-in time. Standard COVID-19 precautions as described in City of Chicago Phase IV Reopening Guidance should be maintained throughout the move-in time.

The current list of travel quarantine states and frequently asked questions can be found on the City of Chicago website.

Additional details can be found under “Quarantine and Testing” on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

As a reminder, all residential students must have a negative COVID-19 test dated no more than five days prior to their move-in date. Students should contact their primary health provider or local health department for information on how to obtain a test. Testing sites in Chicago and surrounding suburbs can be found by visiting the following links: chicago.curativeinc.comand dph.illinois.gov/testing/mobile-testing-sites.

Kind Regards,

Jamar Orr, JD
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

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