Safeguarding Your Zoom Meeting

Roosevelt University is committed to providing the tools and services needed to successfully deliver your classes and meetings remotely. This includes a safe, protected, inclusive environment for our faculty, staff and students. There are safeguards in Zoom that will assist in proactively addressing any possible breaches from non-students as well as Zoom features that can be leveraged to manage participants during class and meetings.

What is Zoom bombing?
Zoom bombing is a form of trolling in order to disrupt a Zoom meeting/class by screen-sharing inappropriate content. The phenomenon of “Zoom bombing,” in which an uninvited guest uses the Zoom screen-sharing feature to broadcast porn and shock videos, has been on the rise. Most Zoom meetings have a public link that, if clicked, allows anyone to join. Trolls have been collecting these links and sharing them in private chat groups, and then signing on to other people’s calls to cause disruption to meetings/classes.

Students, staff, and faculty who are impacted by acts of discrimination based on protected categories (e.g. race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin) or other misconduct during Zoom sessions should be referred to the Dean of Students Office,, for support resources.

We strongly recommend that all Zoom meetings be password protected to cut down the potential of being Zoom bombed.

To add password protection to your Zoom meetings:
Navigate to the meeting you wish to add a password to or create a new meeting.

In the meeting options, put a check mark in the Require a Password box. A meeting password will be generated. The meeting password can then be communicated to your meeting/class participants.

To view additional methods on making Zoom meetings more secure, click here.

Lunch & Learn
Zoom for Remote Teaching — Wednesday, April 1 at 1 p.m. This 45-minute session will cover the use of breakout rooms, security, polls and how to record a meeting. Tips and strategies for keeping students engaged will also be discussed.

Tips for Using Zoom — Thursday, April 2 at Noon
This session will include tips on how to use Zoom for meetings. Attendees will discuss how to set up meetings, use Zoom features to ensure your meetings are more secure, and manage meetings while in progress.