Withdrawal and Pass/Fail Guidance

Dear Faculty & Students,

We want to thank the students, staff and faculty of the Roosevelt University community for being so flexible and for taking so seriously the need to make Spring 2020 as regular a part of students’ academic careers as possible. Faculty are teaching. Students are working hard to learn. Staff are responding to the needs of students and faculty in achieving success in these trying times.

We are committed to delivering continuous academic support (tutoring, advising, etc.) to ensure every student has the opportunity to be successful. We are aware that in some situations, students are facing insurmountable circumstances. Faculty have agreed to be flexible in receiving requests from students to withdraw from classes beyond the withdrawal deadline.

Please discuss with your faculty member if you need a special
arrangement. Once your faculty member agrees to the withdrawal, you will need to forward their request to the Office of the Registrar via email at registrar@roosevelt.edu. You need not secure the approval from the program chair or from the dean of the college.

Roosevelt University is not implementing a universal pass/no pass policy because this could have an unintended and adverse impact on many students. If you are concerned about your performance in your course, please speak with your faculty member about your options. Additionally, you can read more in the FAQ section or speak with your academic advisor.


Lois Becker, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs