President Ali’s Message to Students

Our Way Forward

Dear Students,

I know everyone has a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now, particularly Robert Morris students who have recently become part of Roosevelt University. Speaking on behalf of all of Roosevelt, we are very grateful to be a larger integrated family, as our missions and legacies will be guiding us during this time.

The opportunities we talked about during the integration still exist. We are moving forward and implementing them, and I look forward to seeing all of this in action to its fullest in the near future.
I’d like to express my sympathy to our graduating seniors, who are feeling disappointed and sad about the fact that their graduation ceremony, planned celebrations and other scheduled plans were impacted by this health crisis. This doesn’t go unnoticed, and we will do our best as a community to provide support and help plan for those celebrations in the near future.

Please continue to utilize the online resources that are available to you, including updates from the Chicago Department of Public Health, wellness tips and city-wide support for internet, gas and electricity. The COVID-19 website is a centralized repository of all University updates, communications, FAQ and resources to help you with your academic programs, wellness and general information.

I can’t help but think of one of our namesakes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, during this pandemic we are facing right now. American biographer and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin recently talked about how FDR had a vision of what it would look like afterwards during some of America’s most challenging times, like World War II and the Great Depression: he said, “I already envision a world, an America, where we are back to work, where we are productive again. We will get there.” I, too, am confident that we will get back to our normal, everyday lives.

Please know that Roosevelt staff and faculty are here for you. If you need any assistance with questions about academics or the Illinois stay-at-home mandate please contact

With warm regards,

Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D.