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Instructional Designer Position Available

CCIM Institute is a 501(c)(6) trade association that educates and equips commercial real estate professionals who shape the built world. The Institute staff develops, manages, and promotes programs and services that foster a more collaborative, ethical, and effective industry. Apply best practices in instructional design to create dynamic content (classroom and web-based) for CCIM education…

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MA in Training and Development Transition Information

Coinciding with Dr. Vince Cyboran’s retirement, Dr. Kathleen Iverson will assume overall responsibility for the Master of Arts in Training and Development program. All communication about program administration and curriculum development should be sent directly to Dr. Iverson. This change is effective on Monday, May 14. Effective immediately, the following individuals will be responsible for the…

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Audience Listening to Lecture

Why aren’t adult learners actively engaged in training?

Have you ever trained adult learners and noticed that after several minutes that they are looking at you with a blank stare? It is likely that such disengagement is due to overuse of lecturing. While I am not against the technique of lecturing, if used inappropriately, it can impact your audience’s interest, but to facilitate…

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