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Apply Now To Grow Your Own

Do You Know Someone Who Would Make a Great Teacher?

Now is the time to tell them about Grow Your Own!

Illinois is currently facing a teacher shortage.To address this pressing need, Grow Your Own Teachers (GYO) is actively recruiting individuals from communities of color to become licensed teachers.

With GYO’s assistance, selected candidates will complete a teacher licensing program at a university of their choice. In exchange, participants commit to working as a classroom teacher for at least five (5) years in a high needs public school in Illinois.

We ask that you share this email with your colleagues, friends and acquaintances who have the enthusiasm, commitment and capacity to teach in the most demanding schools. GYO will ensure that everyone has the resources they need to succeed.

Who are GYO candidates?

  • Staff working in Chicago Public Schools who have a desire to pursue classroom teaching
  • Community members who are interested in enrolling in or returning to college with the intent of becoming a licensed teacher.
  • Undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching, but have not yet been admitted to their college of education
  • Students already enrolled in a college of education or a master’s degree program to obtain a teaching license

Candidates can rely on GYO to have their backs!

If accepted, candidates receive individual mentoring and a wide range of supports including:

  • Financial assistance for tuition, and when necessary, emergency expenses
  • Academic support with a coordinator who keeps candidates on track to graduate
  • Wrap around services that support candidates, even when the unexpected happens
  • A cohort of prospective teachers who meet monthly to build relationships and prepare for the classroom

How do individuals apply to GYO or learn more?

To apply, candidates can use the link below or visit

Apply Now To Grow Your Own Teachers

Candidates will need to provide college transcripts and/or proof of a high school degree (or GED), a writing sample, and two letters of recommendation.

Basic eligibility requirements include a GED or high school diploma, Illinois residency, and a demonstrated commitment to your community.

For more information, contact Kenneth Snyder at or (773) 614-6619.

tphilion • September 5, 2019

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