Chicago College of Performing Arts

The Center for Arts Leadership is a newly launched center for empowering students and alumni of the Chicago College of Performing Arts through experiential learning and growth opportunities in community engagement, social justice and career development.

Highlighting Student Leaders: Emma Nichols (BM ’23)

Leadership is in the Center’s name, and we want to highlight those students who make initiatives, big or small, to positively impact the Chicago College of Performing Arts community. Emma Nichols, BM ’23 in Oboe Performance, is one of those student leaders! Read our interview with her to learn about how she was integral in…

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The Bigfoot Blogs, Episode Two: Top 5 Ways to Pretend You’re a Professional (On Paper)

Howdy, CCPA robots. Bigfoot here. Again. And I’m going to be real with you all. I don’t have time for pleasantries. I’m an eight-foot tall, barely bipedal, unimaginably furry grad student in flute performance who has just run out of Pantene. Quarantine is rough, my dudes. Actually, scratch that. You know what’s rougher? This résumé…

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The Bigfoot Blogs, Episode One: “Checking In”

My dearest friends–CCPA and beyond, It’s me, Bigfoot.  Perhaps you think it’s flippant of me to write to you under these circumstances. Most of you haven’t met me in person and are much too overwhelmed by the chaos of quarantine to concern yourselves with my life. I understand this. Many of you are artists–dancers, musicians,…

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Shannon McGinnis with her dog, Harpo

Inspiration from My Students

by Professor Shannon McGinnis Like many of you, I’ve struggled with a profound sense of loss and grief in the past several weeks. I miss seeing my students and colleagues every day. I miss making music, and talking about music, with my students. I miss my dedicated early-morning practice time, and I’m deeply sad about…

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