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The Center for Arts Leadership is a newly launched center for empowering students and alumni of the Chicago College of Performing Arts through experiential learning and growth opportunities in community engagement, social justice and career development.

Meet the Student Organizations at CCPA!

Whether you want to further your career development, strengthen bonds with your peers, or engage with the greater Chicago community, there are many student organizations you can get involved with at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. These organizations include the women’s fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota, the Student Council for Arts Leadership, the Music Teachers National Association, the Orchestra Committee, and the CCPA Singers. I interviewed members of each organization so that you can find out about them, see what they are up to, and learn how you can join! 

SAI – Sigma Alpha Iota 

Members of Sigma Alpha Iota (from left to right: Maggie Cuddihy, Rachel Wallis, and Rachel Hooker).

I interviewed the President of CCPA’s Sigma Alpha Iota chapter, Kathryn Krajewski (MM Viola ‘20), about the women’s music fraternity. 

What is Sigma Alpha Iota and its mission? 

SAI is a national women’s fraternity that connects women with a love and commitment for music. Our chapter’s mission is to encourage, nurture, and support the art of music, not only at CCPA and Roosevelt University, but also in the greater Chicago community. We plan to achieve this goal by supporting at least one musically-based nonprofit organization located in Chicago through a service project this year. We also plan to volunteer with various musical organizations such as Sharing Notes, a nonprofit organization in Chicago. 

What are your plans for this school year? 

In addition to our plans to support and collaborate with musically-based nonprofits in Chicago, we are hosting a pumpkin decorating event on Friday, October 25th at 1pm. We will also be hosting a hot cocoa bar on Tuesday, November 19th at 5:30pm. We are working on creating more community events that will be advertised throughout the year, so keep a lookout for events hosted by SAI! You can keep up to date with SAI by following us on Facebook and Instagram (@sai_mu_xi). Additionally, our website will be available soon.  

Are you looking for new members? How can we get in contact for more information or to join? 

Yes, we would love to have more members join our fraternity! SAI is a national women’s fraternity, and one would have to take a music class to be eligible to join, but women of all majors and degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc) are welcome. If interested, you can contact either me (Kathryn) or Maggie. 

 Kathryn Krajewski – President: 

Maggie Cuddihy – Vice President of Membership: 

 Student Council for Arts Leadership 

Logo for the Center for Arts Leadership.

 I interviewed current SCAL member Gabriella Trentacoste (BFA Musical Theater Dance ‘21) to learn more about this arts leadership organization. 

 What is the Student Council for Arts Leadership and its mission? 

The Student Council for Arts Leadership is a group of student leaders from both the theatre and music conservatories. The group represents the diverse CCPA student body and works to institute positive change within CCPA while fostering community growth.  

What are your plans for this school year? 

For this school year, we plan to build a better partnership between the music and theatre conservatories through collaborative events and projects on- and off-campus. Another goal for SCAL is to be available as a resource for any students who seek change within the conservatories by serving as a point of contact between the student body and CCPA administration. 

Are you looking for new members? How can we get in contact for more information or to join? 

We LOVE new members!!! You can contact me (Gabriella), Nicole, Quinn, or Allegra to find out more. 

Gabriella Trentacoste – Theatre Executive Officer: 

Nicole Sonneveld – Music Executive Officer: 

Quinn Simmons – Theatre Executive Officer: 

Allegra Montanari – Director, Center for Arts Leadership: 

 Music Teachers National Association 

Members of MTNA (from left to right, faculty advisor Dr. Yeeseon Kwon, president Lisa Mioduszewski, Vice President Everardo Sanchez, and Secretary Haley Henning).

 To learn more about CCPA’s MTNA Chapter, I interviewed Lisa Mioduszewski (MM Piano ‘21), who currently serves as President of the Chapter. 

What is MTNA and its mission? 

The Music Teachers National Association is a nonprofit organization geared towards musicians and music-teaching professionals, ranging from aspiring music teachers, to esteemed pedagogues, to private lesson instructors, and beyond! The mission of MTNA is to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers. Having an MTNA chapter at CCPA allows for collegiate students of all instrumental backgrounds to gain professional opportunities by attending conferences, networking with members across the country, and accessing valuable resources such as publications, webinars, and grants. 

What are your plans for this school year? 

We will be holding monthly meetings throughout the school year to set goals for the chapter. Some of our goals for the year include involvement at the various conferences throughout the year, fundraising events, sponsoring guest speakers, and community engagement projects! 

Are you looking for new members? How can we get in contact for more information or to join? 

Yes, we are looking for members! MTNA is an opportunity available to all music students of any instrumental background, regardless of degree or degree emphasis. To learn how to join, you can email any of the MTNA board members: 

Lisa Mioduszewski – President: 

Everardo Sanchez – Vice President: 

Haley Henning – Secretary: 

Dr. Yeeseon Kwon – Faculty Sponsor: 

 We also have a Facebook page! It is titled, “CCPA MTNA Chapter.” Send a request to join to stay informed about upcoming meetings and projects! 

 Orchestra Committee 

CCPA Symphony Orchestra performing at Symphony Center.

Bradley Geneser (BM Tuba ‘20) spoke with me about CCPA’s Orchestra Committee, which he has served on for one year thus far. 

What is the Orchestra Committee and its mission? 

The Orchestra Committee is a group of student musicians who function as a liaison for orchestral students at CCPA. This committee voices and discusses opinions and grievances within the orchestral program, with the goal of working with administration to fix issues and make the program a better, healthier, and more productive place to learn. 

 What are your plans for this school year? 

Once we have our new committee formed, we will have our first town hall meeting where all orchestral students are invited. This will get the ball rolling to make some changes in the program. 

Are you looking for new members? How can we get in contact for more information or to join? 

We are working on the process of holding elections for new members, and information for elections will be released soon. We are looking for representatives from each section of the orchestra so that it is a diverse body of student committee members. Stay tuned for an email regarding our upcoming elections! 

 Also, even if you don’t run for the committee, we are here for every orchestral student on campus. We hope that you come to our town hall meetings or speak to a committee member about any comments you may have throughout your time at CCPA. 

 If you have any questions about the orchestra committee, feel free to contact Braley Geneser via email at 

 CCPA Singers 

Members of the CCPA Singers performing Christmas Carols at Mulvey Place.

 As a member of the CCPA Singers, I have answered questions about this student organization. 

Who are the CCPA Singers and what is their mission? 

The CCPA Singers is an extracurricular chorus open to every student in the CCPA music and theater conservatories who would like a fun singing, conducting, and/or piano accompaniment experience. This group is entirely student run and led. No prior singing experience is necessary. 

 The mission of the CCPA Singers is to enhance student life within CCPA by allowing for fun, peer-led music making that also provides musical outreach to our university and Chicagoland community. 

What are your plans for this school year? 

Rehearsals have already begun for our first Spooky Music Series taking place in October. We will be learning some fun Halloween tunes (for example, a Nightmare Before Christmas Medley) to perform for the residents of Center on Addison on October 18th. We will also be performing at Roosevelt on Halloween for our RU community to celebrate the spooky day! We also plan to give performances in the winter and spring. We always welcome ideas for future performances and requests for the ensemble to perform at recitals and other events! 

 Are you looking for new members? How can we get in contact for more information or to join? 

Anyone interested in singing, conducting, or accompanying the group is welcome to join! If you are interested in singing or accompanying, contact me at I can also add you to our Facebook group, which is where we post information about rehearsals and performances. You can search for the Facebook group “CCPA Singers” and request to join! 

CCPA Center for Arts Leadership

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