Featured Alumni

Public Administration, MPA

Roselyn Abassah-Manu, Class of 2015 :

Ameshia Cross, Class of 2012:

Economics, MA

Samuel Barbour, Class of 2015:

Justin Shea, Class of 2014:

Calvin Trapp, Class of 2012

Hans Zigmund, Class of 2004

Actuarial Science, MS/Math, MS

Joel Abassah-Manu, Class of 2014

Kim Plesnicar, Class of 2013

James Foresto, Class of 2011

Clinical Psychology, MA (Counseling Practice)

Serena Houston, Class of 2014

Computer Science, MS

Sarah Ritch, Class of 2014

Creative Writing, MFA

Lori Rader-Day, Class of 2009

Jessica Anne, Class of 2014

Integrated Marketing Communications, MSIMC

Eileen Hickey, Class of 2014

Paula Rummels, Class of 2008

Biology, MS

Deborah Eng, Class of 2015



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