The #1 Skill Needed for the Workplace

A new article from Forbes lists conflict management as the most important soft skill needed for work in the future. The modern workplace is becoming more and more complex. Achieving amicable and productive solutions to these increasing complexities can be challenging and time-consuming. However, learning the skill of conflict management can help greatly improve the workplace as well as one’s individual performance.

Roosevelt’s Master of Arts in Conflict and Mediation teaches the skills needed to manage conflict in the workplace and other organizations. Students complete coursework that includes the full range of societal conflict, from familial and interpersonal conflict to public and community conflict. Courses in facilitation and negotiation tactics prepare students to work as mediators in courts, government, education, health care, human resources, project management, customer service, politics, and insurance and sales.

The MA in Conflict and Mediation is the only degree of its kind in the Chicago region that embeds the Chicago Center for Conflict Resolution’s Certification, as well as practicums with real mediation clients. Students get to perform actual supervised mediation during the program. Instructors are attorneys and current mediators who can share theory, practical experience, and connections with students.

To learn more about the Master of Arts in Conflict and Mediation visit the program’s homepage. And to apply to the program visit 

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