Submit a Roosevelt Broadcast Item

Use the form below to submit an item for the RU Broadcast. The RU Broadcast is sent every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All items must be submitted at least one day prior to publication.

Before submitting your RU Broadcast item, please make sure it follows the style rules below:

  • Only the first 150 characters of your announcement will appear in the email. Recipients will be able to follow a link to read your full announcement. Do your best to keep your announcement concise!
  • You can use basic styling in your announcement (bold, italic, etc.) but these will only be visible in the linked full announcement. Keep your styling simple when you can!
  • The Office of Marketing reserves the right to edit announcements for the sake of¬†clarity, but it is the responsibility of the submitter to proofread announcements for spelling, grammar, and University style guidelines.
  • To have an item appear in the RU Broadcast for multiple days, please submit a separate item for each day you want it included in the Broadcast.
  • March 1 not March 1st
  • 1:30 p.m. not 1:30 PM or 1:30pm
  • no ALL CAPS
  • Months with more than five letters should be abbreviated, such as Feb. 1 or Sept. 15
    but use July 1 and March 15
  • Titles before names are capitalized (ie. President Ali Malekzadeh),
    but not capitalized after names (Ali Malekzadeh, president)
Submit a Roosevelt Broadcast Item