Community Spotlight: Jamar Orr

How did you choose your current career?
I started working in student affairs before I knew it had a name as a resident advisor and student leader on campus. I was unsure of what to do next after graduating my senior year and a few of the student affairs professionals, with whom I had worked as a student leader, suggested I think about getting a master’s in higher education. I knew I really enjoyed the work that I was doing and felt I could enjoy giving back and making a difference in this way for a few years. I applied and was accepted to Western Illinois University’s College Student Personnel graduate program. After working in higher education for seven years in residence life and student activities, my career aspirations led me here to Roosevelt University and I haven’t looked back since.
What three things would you take to a deserted island with you?
  • Solar powered radio. I have to have my music.
  • An axe. I’m sure that would come in handy for several reasons.
  • Fishing pole. I will likely be there for some time and I love to eat. It just makes sense.
What do you like best about what you do at Roosevelt?
As assistant dean of students, every day is different. I love that I never know what will happen on any given day. Whether helping students move through difficult crisis situations or strategizing about housing occupancy, there’s always something that I hadn’t considered would pop up. I love that I get to help students in both direct and indirect ways and the feeling that what I do matters.
Favorite thing about Roosevelt?
There’s a deep connection to community here that is unique. I’ve worked at several colleges and universities and I think we often assume that this feeling is everywhere. It really isn’t. This is a special school with its own brand of magic. You feel it in the air and in talking with students and colleagues. With all of its challenges, I’ve never worked at a place that has a greater since of purpose or passion.
What would you want your superpower to be?
Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve spent years thinking about this question. If I could have any super power it would be the ability to manipulate time. I could basically live forever and experience all of the amazing pieces of history that you can only read about in books. I also want to see if we ever get the flying cars to work.

Mike Kaluzny, Director of Marketing Communications

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