Phishing Education Starts Soon

Over the past two years, there has been a marked increase in the number of “phishing” attempts seen at Roosevelt. Phishing emails are those messages designed to look legitimate while trying to induce the recipient to give away sensitive information, like NetID passwords or financial information.

One way to improve the security environment at Roosevelt is to increase user awareness of the threat posed by these phishing messages. In the past we’ve sent out alerts when some phishing messages have been reported by the community. To be more proactive, we will soon start a phishing education campaign. The goals of this campaign are to increase awareness of the threat posed by phishing emails, increase the ability to spot a phishing email, and decrease the likelihood of recipients clicking on links in phishing messages and subsequently giving away sensitive information.

Starting soon, you’ll receive phishing messages as part of this education campaign. The messages will come in various forms and mimic the types of messages we’ve seen in the past.

The recommended action when you receive the message is to just delete it. Alternatively, you can forward it to, then delete it. If you should happen to click on the link included in the message, you’ll be presented with explanatory text and/or a short educational video.

Timothy Hopkins, AVP, Technology Infrastructure and Operations

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