Library Acquisition Requests & Reserves

It’s that time of year again!

Get a head start on your fall classes by placing library acquisition and reserve requests.

 Library Acquisition Requests

All RU Faculty are welcomed and encouraged to submit requests for library collection purchases that support their teaching and research goals. Faculty are also welcome to request a single copy of a textbook for current courses. Textbooks will be placed in reserves.

To make a library acquisition request, please visit the Library’s website and click on the “Purchase Requests” link with the title, author, year, and any other relevant publication information.

Remember to check the catalog to see if we already have an item before you make your request. For a better chance that requests arrive by the first day of the fall semester, please submit all requests by June 30. Due to the high costs of textbooks, the Library will attempt to accommodate all textbook requests within budget. The Library can only fulfill a limited number of textbook requests.

Course Reserves Requests

The Reserve system allows faculty to set aside books, textbooks, media, articles, and other materials for the use of students enrolled in a class.

There are two types of reserve requests:

e-Reserves: the Library will digitize articles, chapters, and selections from books – within copyright. You will be provided a link to digital copies of these e-Reserves which your students will be able to access through the Library’s website or through your course on Blackboard.

Book and Media reserves: Physical copies of books and media placed on Reserve may be checked out by students for short periods from designated campus libraries.

Please be sure that your e-reserve items are compliant with copyright laws and fair use guidelines.

We thank you for your patronage and hope that you have a wonderful summer. Don’t forget to contact us for any research needs that arise over the break!

Estevan Montaño, Director of Libraries

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