How to Spot a Phishing Email Message

Phishing emails are those messages designed to look legitimate while trying to induce the recipient to give away sensitive information, like NetID passwords. When reviewing the email messages you receive, keep these tips in mind when trying to spot phishing messages:

  • The subject of the message is of an immediate nature or concern. Often, phishing messages are written to make it seem like immediate action or attention is required.
  • The subject and body of the message contain vague information. There are no references to real employee names or locations.
  • The body of the message contains grammatical and formatting errors.
  • The body of the message does not contain detailed information. Instead, included is just enough information to induce recipients to click on the link.
  • The link that was in the message went to a non-Roosevelt website.
  • The message is from a sender you’ve never communicated with before.

If you receive a message that you think is a phishing attempt, the best action is to just delete it. You can also report it by forwarding it to

Timothy Hopkins, AVP, Technology Infrastructure and Operations

Address replies to: