Midterm Grades

The deadline to submit midterm grades in RU Access for full-semester 16-week courses is Oct. 22.  Instructors teaching 100-level classes are required to submit midterm grades, but all instructors are welcome to submit them.  Information on how to submit midterm grades can be found here: roosevelt.edu/current-students/academics/midterm-grading.  Review the Important Dates page on the website to find deadlines for midterm grades for every part of the semester: roosevelt.edu/current-students/academics/important-dates.

Midterm grades are one way we can give students an indication of their academic progress at an important point in the semester.  While midterm grades do not factor into grade point averages, credits earned, or appear on transcripts, they do serve as a useful advising and student success tool.

We encourage you to have conversations with students who may be struggling at midterm.  Instructors can also submit an Early Alert to connect students who may be experiencing challenges around academic skills or engagement with appropriate support services: roosevelt.edu/faculty-staff/do-you-have-a-concern/early-alert.

Alicia Butler, Director, Academic Advising

Address replies to: abutler@roosevelt.edu

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