Experiential Learning Course Attributes

Faculty, as we continue to organize and build Experiential Learning (EXL) university-wide, we now have course attributes for each Experiential Learning category. These will help to distinguish Experiential Learning courses as well as the five categories under the Experiential Learning umbrella. If you need information on the broad criteria for each category, please let me know. If you have any other questions about EXL or, need help identifying a community partner for an upcoming course, please reach out to me.

Please make sure to communicate to the scheduling office, Dave Juen, djuen@roosevelt.edu, to receive assistance in applying the correct EXL attribute to your course sections.

Building out our Experiential Learning Attributes for the Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 class sections is important. We appreciate your collaboration in getting these classes coded properly. Thank you.

Attribute codes:
EXL-Experiential Learning
SRVL- Service Learning
ABRD- Study Abroad
RSCH- Student Research
INTN- Academic Internship
TRFL- Transformational Learning

Nancy Michaels, Director of Experiential Learning

Address replies to: nmichaels@roosevelt.edu

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